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The Importance of Audio

Those genuine words spoken by a parent, bridesmaid, groomsmen, and future spouse are the sound bites that reproduce the emotions that help depict the happenings of your wedding day. These key sound bites can be said at any given moment. Your mom, dad, or sibling may say some very kind and touching words that you will want to remember, and I have to be ready for that. What this means for me is that I need to shut up. If I’m talking and telling you to do things or chatting away with the photographer, I’m not getting the content I need for my edit. So don’t be offended if I don’t say much to you throughout the day. This is most important during the first part of the day when it comes to bridal prep and the first look. These little audio snippets make for great scene transitions and help enhance lulls in the edit.

As I was saying in my post about the importance of content, (CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT!!) having gift exchanges and private notes exchanged between you and your significant other will get you the biggest bang for your buck. In 10, 15, or 20 years you will also be grateful you took the few minutes to read these notes aloud to camera. What will need to be done when this happens is I will need to put a mic on you. Yes, I will have an onboard microphone on my camera, but that is not the proper type of microphone for this kind of content. Shotgun microphones are intended for pickup unexpected soundbites of words that happen on the fly. The type of audio that is being recorded read to camera requires a more specialized microphone, a lavalier. This is a tiny microphone that I will hide on your person ideally 6 inches from you mouth. This will record high quality and ‘clean’ audio. Keep in mind that you may request to keep these words private. Meaning I can assure you myself and the editor will be the only other person to hear these words. Once you receive the videos you can hang on to them and show no one. Watch them later alone together, this will make for a great activity on anniversaries!

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