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Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Content. By far the most important production piece a wedding videographer can have. When I tell couples about my short film deliverable, the most popular question I get is ‘how long is it?’ And I tell them that it depends on what happens throughout the wedding day and that I can’t give them a real answer. I could say it’s 5 minutes, but if not a lot happens I’m going to have to stretch the minimal content that I gathered and it would reduce the quality of the film. Or it could be 2 minutes and look like a lot was happening and move along naturally.

Some things that I tell couples to do to ensure I gather enough content to create an amazing 5 minute short film is to include the following:

  • Gift exchanges for Immediate family

  • Hand written notes to each other

  • First look - both groom AND father

  • Bridal Prep

  • Include plenty of time during sunset for portraits

I had this one couple who did all of the above. The bride wrote a note to her father, mother, groom. She gave gifts to her mother, father, and exchanged gifts with her husband. Included time to do a first look with her groom and father. They purchased my lowest package which only comes with a short film. A year later they felt the short film wasn’t enough and wanted more. So they reached out. I ended up delivering eight extra edits for them because of the amount of content they had.

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