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Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer

The million dollar question every couple is asking… Well, maybe about a $4,500 question. If you’re paying one million dollars for a wedding videographer I think you have more important questions that need answering.

So, why hire a wedding videographer? I totally get it, videography is an added expense and is often an after thought. Depending on the style of the videographer, video tells a whole other story than that of photos. Not only does video capture visually what’s happening in a scene but also the sounds. What did your father say when he first saw you in your wedding dress? What were the words spoken by your officiant, friends and family during the speeches, or the groom during the first look? This is why gathering audio is so important (for more on this see, Why gathering audio is so important). Unlike photography, video captures the entire scene and not just a moment.

This one wedding I shot the bride walked down the aisle with her dog, a black lab. During the entire ceremony, he quietly sat in the front row watching every moment. The second the officiant pronounced the two husband and wife, the dog knew what was happening and started barking uncontrollably and added to the excitement of everything. That is something you can’t capture in a photo and that is one reason why you hire a videographer.

Now while not everyone will have their pet attend their wedding, there will be many moments where you as a bride or groom will never witness, like seeing your bridal party walk down the aisle, the ring bearer, or the flower girls. Another moment you will now be able to witness is your significant other freaking out… I mean… getting ready in the other room before the day starts. You are only one person and because of that you are missing out on so much. While you’re front and center gazing into your future spouses eyes as the officiant speaks, your mother, father, grandmother or other significant person in your life is balling their eyes out watching you wed your best friend.

Now I’m sure we’ve all been in this position once or twice before. When you get invited to a destination wedding and you just started a new job, received a promotion, or let’s be frank, you just didn’t have the extra cash on hand to spend on a flight and hotel and cannot attend the wedding. Now with video being so easy to share on instagram or facebook, everyone who couldn’t attend now can relive the day as if they were there. I understand it’s not the same as actually attending, but, sometimes life happens and you or your friend are just not able to attend. With a videographer you can work something out where you can receive a few 30 second social media cuts (on top of a 3-5 minute short film) for you to share with those friends who wish they could attend but couldn’t.

Through out the day, your filled with excitement and everything flies by and feels like a big blur. But with video you can take a minute with your significant other and take it all in moment by moment, fast forward, rewind, or turn it into a viewing party. Once a year invite your bridal party over and relive the day. You can hand it down to your children and your children’s children. And just like that, you have a family heirloom. Never, have I had a client regret receiving a wedding video.

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